Nose candy .

Tears fall from my eyes and my nose feels like it was on fire.  I love the sting.  I crave the sting.

I need to tidy up the kitchen – put all the dishes away & wipe the cupboards out.  Hell, I might as well wipe the fridge out as well.   I’m full of energy and I make my way to the kitchen (sublime blaring from the sterio)   I start dancing my way thru the cleaning. . .

images (6) Abracadabra,  my kitchen is sparkling .


4 thoughts on “Nose candy .

  1. bookmarked!!, I really like your site!


  2. I am glad that you liked one of my post. Had it not been for that, I would have never discovered your blog. I love the writing… I feel your passion in it… you don’t see or feel that with a lot of others these days. Love it!


  3. mark says:

    I hope you don’t mind if I hide one of my poems here next to what you wrote. Although many people have read it and thought they understood, very few, if any did really understand. I really appreciate what you have wrote, I’m glad I found it. Hope this makes sense, be well and safe……

    plans for tonight

    lose mind to be found at a later date
    let 33 cups of tea go cold cursing every one
    get distracted from kitchen to bathroom to plants to guitar to the
    maddening creativity of over spontaneous spontaneity

    make a list of things to do never to be done
    talk to the room in various accents

    more cups of tea gone cold
    determined to drink one that’s hot
    only to be distracted
    mid sip by gentle call of books stacked since last
    crazy night day night sun up

    cast occasional glances at sentimental television that
    feels its been unloved for too long

    shave perhaps
    bath perhaps
    food perhaps not

    exit hurly burly
    watch sunrise
    stolen flowers
    gathered feathers
    then back


    exit once more burly hurly
    in a whirlwind
    towards town
    towards day
    towards next night
    carrying scars through till sometime

    instant sleep

    14th April 2009

    and because I’m a cheeky bastard who’s in a strange mood tonight here’s another, sorry but they need a home and they asked for you. Feel free to do the same back to my blog, it is open but I am on strike from the whole game, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. (little yellow smiley face with a cheeky grin and a wink, that everyone else on the fucking planet knows how to do except me)

    Toxic Night that crawled out of a Sunset sublime,
    a walk home by a misty canal,
    two week stubble, amphetamine eyes
    that haven`t seen sleep for five short days.

    I was crazy at midnight,
    bleary eyed, tongue tied,
    bound for the east in adoration of a new Moon.

    It was good to walk by the water’s edge,
    lost in temptation, passive resistance,
    gentle surrender, a wing beat away from eternity.

    In this time of reckless persuasion
    softly fall the nights of abandon.

    Placid Sunsets crawl slowly Home,
    Sunsets of Bliss hold their breath.

    Summer 2008

    be happy x


    • Hee hee… Over spontaneous spontaneity always leaves a trail of everything, spread everywhere at my house…
      My specialty is noticing all the un-broken things that need to be fixed, well, half fixed at any rate… Ok, just pulled apart.. Xx


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