images (6)I am exhausted.

Friday night’s birthday drinks turned into a blast from the 70’s with a little cardboard square being gifted to me…    The result of that square, was a giggling trio, armed with crome spraypaint & interior beautifying ideas galore. . .  My landlords are going to LOVE our handywork…    In the blink  of an eye, Friday night turned into Saturday afternoon… Red bull & vodka was the trend as I spun my heart out on the swing…  Note to all readers: spinning isn’t always good for one’s stomach contents…     After painting the garden with pink slime & peas, it was time for a quiet sit down & smoke…

Let the second wind begin!!!

A compilation of laughter, & backwards-word-games eliminate the next few hours with ease.

The stars are suddenly out, twinkling beside a melancholy moon.  Youtube spends a final few hours with us.

I am happily exhausted.

Clean sheets & pyjamas are waiting for me now,  & here I come. . .    Goodnight.   🙂

Between my sheets. . .


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