Bless this mess…

Today I left some dishes dirty,images (6)

the bed got made around two-thirty.

The washing from the day before

is staring at me from the floor.

For shame o lazy one you say,

and just what did you do today?


What did I do today, you ask?


Not much that shows, I guess thats right,23395_510822352315549_1214165891_n

but I was busy all day, and half the night.

Visitors came, and visitors went,

All well satisfied with the money they spent.

I was run off my feet,  not once did I blob,

I don’t work as a maid!  I sell for a job!

A pile of cash now sits in the tin,

So clean up yourself, or bear it and grin.


2 thoughts on “Bless this mess…

  1. primalnights says:

    Love it. Wy can’t everyone see how difficult it can be some times to have to consider approaching all of that work. Can’t people just get off my back and leave me be.


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