Four hours of freedom…

52nd Anniversary dinner.images (6)

Girlfriends invited…


Riding the wind with my arms wrapped around you.

Good food compliments good company.

The clock calls out that my time is up.

Getting my knees in the breeze always makes me smile.

All the better to eat you with...

What big eyes you have…

I knew you’d have me home on time.

What a guy…


2 thoughts on “Four hours of freedom…

  1. Jenny says:

    Thinking of you this month, especially on the 9th. I hope you get through it ok.


    • Thank you. It’s odd how hard it is to recall conversations I had only a week ago, and that there’s no way I can remember what we had for dinner any night of last week… Yet when I think about this time two years ago, I have crystal clarity on every minute, every word, every meal. I will get through this anniversary – I have to be strong for both of my daughters, if not for myself. I very much appreciate your kind thoughts.


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