Black and white…

Do intentions have a grey area?

good and bad

Good intentions/bad intentions.

Is there an in between?

Good  intentions

mean well.

Bad intentions

have agendas…

Does everybody really win in a win/win situation?

3 thoughts on “Black and white…

  1. zara M. says:

    Sometimes win/ win = Los/Los you never know
    Thank for sharing


  2. mark says:

    These are all very good questions, although I’m afraid I’m not terribly qualified in that area and therefore I feel it’s best that I tell about some of the anagrams I managed to find from your blog title “Wasted Times” –

    mad wise test – no one told me it was a test, I do hope I pass. I am mad.
    see mad twist – where?? No, I missed it. Do it again!!
    sad stew time – I’ll pass thank you, I’m not that hungry.
    it’s dam sweet – Sorry, I put too much sugar in
    it’s mad sweet – Listen, I already said sorry, I put too much sugar in
    east mid west – Make your bloody mind up, I’ve got a train to catch
    dim wet asset – I heard that, I’ll have you know I’m very bright… and dry
    amidst sweet – Yes, it is rather lovely here isn’t it
    i’d steam west – That’s all very well but we are going East
    i’d set west ma – Didn’t you hear me first time… East East East
    i’d met wet ass – I just pretended I didn’t know him.
    it’s me ted saw – Who the fuck is Ted and what did he see you do?
    it’s sad we met – On the contrary, I think it’s quite marvelous that we met,
    I do hope you feel the same.

    Have a gloriously wonderful weekend and forgive me my stupidity, I just wanted to make you smile.

    Au revoir Mademoiselle


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