Black sand falling through the hourglass.

Minutes passing by.  Time without you.



How does one carry on

with broken shards in place of a heartbeat?

Every breath cutting deep

with the knowledge that you are gone.



Such a painful word.

A bottomless void.

Eternal teardrops

measuring the depth of my love.


How can you blame me

for numbing this pain?

This death in my soul?


Black sand marks the passage of time without you.





8 thoughts on “Time…

  1. Seems we were having a similar poetic moment today.


    • I just checked your post out – very moving as always, and yes, slightly similar in a way – Your haunting words of a lost childhood brought tears to my eyes.
      I wrote of a lost child. Apparently I’ll see her again when my time comes to pass…


  2. Caspar Cole says:

    This felt eerily familiar while I read it. Not sure why.

    I like it.


    • Thank you. “Eerily familiar” is an intriguing choice of words – I hope to hear back from you on this feeling – I’m curious now… 🙂


      • Caspar Cole says:

        Have you ever read something and just had that feeling that you’ve seen it before? That’s the kind of the feeling I mean.

        Even the picture seems familiar.

        It gets better every time.


      • Perhaps we have been through similar heartaches…
        You seem to get my writing. I feel both humbled, and inspired to write more.
        Thank you.


  3. gatito2 says:

    That was beautiful!


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