I miss our talks.

Your laughter

Your jokes

Your messy room

Even you tantrums.


I miss you.


One thought on “Bryer…

  1. Grief

    There are two kinds of longing.
    One is of thought,
    A remembering of something sweet,
    Perhaps drenched in pain,
    But the good part,
    If you could but salvage that . . .
    The other longing
    Is a whole haunting
    Emerging from you as a weight
    Pressing against your intention,
    So that wherever you turn
    Her absence is there –
    You miss her –
    And your mornings of arising,
    Your days of work,
    Your meals,
    Your recreations,
    Your nights of sleep –
    You –
    Are missing:
    And this is so
    Because we are saddened
    By the withering of flowers,
    Because our sadness
    Is the withering.


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