Suspicious minds…

The best form of defense, is offence.

My man sometimes goes away for a night or three for “business”.    I’d have to be blind not to notice how every time – without fail – his son, or daughter come and park their butts on my couch for the entire duration of his “trip”.   I actually adore his kids, but I can tell the difference between their social visits to me, and their visits that have another explanation behind them…

I’m being babysat.

I know it isn’t because they love my company that much…

I doubt it’s because my safety is at risk  (every time!)…

I think it’s his way of making sure I don’t screw around while he’s out of town…


I don’t know what to think about that.  Should I be offended that he thinks I would do that to him?

Should I be flattered that he’s worried about losing me?

Should I worry that he has a guilty conscience,  which makes him suspicious of mine?


One thought on “Suspicious minds…

  1. Correct answer: All of the above.


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