Memory Lane pain…

A car accident this morning brings back memories of loss.

My nephew is ok, though his car is not.

I can’t help but cry and remember my girl.

She wasn’t ok.


I’m so sorry Bryer.


6 thoughts on “Memory Lane pain…

  1. Peace and love to your heart, dear, fully expressed from this day forward; you know that’s what she’d want for you and all around you, and what would free her, in memory or otherwise, from the burden of your guilt . . .


    • Thank you. I try to be at peace, that means forgiveness though, and I’m unable to cross that bridge as yet. I can’t imagine a worse punishment than to live with this, but live is what I must do. I believe I owe her that, at least.


  2. Perhaps you might consider it this way: Bryer was a force of piercing lightness and gravity, like a stone thrown into a pond creating concentric circles spreading outwards to reach those around her. Now the stone is gone, but the vibrating force of her remains in you and the many others she touched. Perhaps what you owe her is to express her still-vibrating force as it truly is, to be a conduit for her love and innocence, and even for her gentle forgiveness for the lapses, however terrible their effects, of others, including your own. Perhaps that would be a fine, living memorial to her. Not to cut off her wondrous vibrations with the static interference of guilt, but to continue to spread her love and innocent belief in the redeeming goodness of all those she encountered, including and especially your innate goodness. Perhaps not today, but soon, you may come to this and truly embody and enact her pure love, even in the face of the judgments of others, responding even to judgment and the pain underlying it with love, with her love still surging through you . . .


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