The last straw…


It takes a lot of courage to stop the cycle of misery.

Admitting how bad it is, and asking for help isn’t an easy thing.

Pride struggles with accepting support and care from friends.

Questioning yourself weakens determination…


“Where things really as bad as they seemed at the time..?”



Things really were that bad.


It’s scary how easy it is to just give up, and return to the cycle.

It takes a lot of courage to break away from the cycle of misery.

I’m so proud of the steps you are taking, my friend.

You are not alone.

5 thoughts on “The last straw…

  1. It’s not only how wise we are about our various foolishnesses. Isn’t there another wisdom past that, past the hurts and all our games, where we find what was so natural to us after we were first born: when falling and falling scraped we laughed and laughed in love?


  2. I say this because you and your friend see so clearly, correctly, what is wrong, that it cannot be left there. After ‘Yes, it really was that bad’, yes, of course of course put into words, right right the beauty!


  3. It’s right there in your caress amidst the pain, friend to friend.


  4. A Hot Mess says:

    yes it does take courage.


  5. A Hot Mess says:

    honestly i don’t know what the fuck to say……………..i wish i did.


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