The high life…

Is my paranoia creating my reality?


Is my reality creating my paranoia?

2 thoughts on “The high life…

  1. mark says:

    Very good question and to be honest I don’t know. But I do have the belief that no matter what crazy madness you see from taking whatever or for being awake for days the moment that you accept it as reality then you invite the madness in. Although I appreciate the fact that it’s not easy to just keep saying to yourself it’s not reality. I like to think that I’m strengthening my mind in some ways, by inviting madness to have a go at taking me down. And I’ve seen it from lots of different angles so eventually when I get older and it comes for me I’ll be able to deal with it better. I like the look of your blog and what you arr doing.
    Anyway must dash, Nurse says it’s meds time again.


    • Thank you :-). I like your reply, and I love the concept of ‘strengthening your mind’. You’re damn right about how accepting something as reality is inviting the madness in, I’ve long come to the conclusion that a meal and a good night sleep often clarify’s what is real, and what isn’t…
      And sometimes it spoils the fun when you figure out that it isn’t really real afterall…
      Hi to Nurse!! 😀


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