Gravy train…

Row, row, row your own boat

stand on your know-it-all feet.

Stop riding coat tails

and pay your own way

Quit shitting on all who you meet.


You’re big enough to be a dad,

to a baby you don’t even raise

Gods gifts don’t work – you can’t juggle a job

with a full time career in self praise.


No-one is impressed by you

You’re shameful to your blood

Anyone could be a man

If ‘man’ meant unfussy stud.


3 thoughts on “Gravy train…

  1. mark says:

    You forgot to add “Funny” to the list of tags coz it made me laugh. Perhaps you should introduce him to Mary-Jane… actually on second thoughts, she’s too good for him. I’ve been playing hide and seek with sleep for four days now. Sleep is not very good at it, although it always finds me eventually, but that’s more because I give in. Anyway I better go before I start waffling or am I waffling already. One day they will collect all of my replies and turn it into a book.
    You do realise I’ll be singing “Row, row, row your boat” for the rest of the day and it’s only 5:34am. bye now
    “Row, row, row your boat” is it going to say comment awaiting moderation again, it make me so sad, although my comments usually need moderation, “Row, row, row your boat” oooopsss sorry bye.


    • Hahaha!! You make me laugh too!! Its 6.48pm here, and I’ve been singing row, row, row your boat all day so far – I’m stoked I won’t be the only one singing it now 😀 I’ve got to take my dinner out of the oven now, I hope you enjoy your day. Hi to Nurse from me.


  2. toad (chris jensen) says:

    Reblogged this on BARB STREETING.


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