Me, myself and Mary…

A midnight smoke

Puffing solo, alone

Hot boxing the room

By myself, on my own

Eyes glazing over

Latest Mary-Jane fling

I’m heading outside

For a late at night swing.

4 thoughts on “Me, myself and Mary…

  1. mark says:

    surely you must of seen this classic film, but just in case you haven’t, then young lady you must, it essential.
    (this is just the trailer for it… at first i was so confused coz i thought the film had shrunk, but after a few hours thought i worked it out all by myself… well i had little bit of help from the neighbours cat)

    A stoner called the fire department and said, “Come quick my house is on fire!” The Fireman asked “How do we get there?” The stoner says “DUH, in a big red truck!”


  2. datdank says:

    beautifully written, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your poem 🙂


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