Piece’s of quiet…

We sit together in silence

and my thumbs start to twiddle

I rack my mind for some chat

but your vibe is a riddle.

What lies between us

creating this wall?

Uncomfortable quiet

gives no clue at all.

2 thoughts on “Piece’s of quiet…

  1. Yes, interesting how silence can have radically different qualities, from quiet to disquiet. Yet silence is simply silence. So what is the source of the difference? What else needs to be silent for silence, even the silence of a flux of discrete sounds – like the wind rustling leaves, the songs of birds, and the honk of a horn – to end division and discord and to manifest peace?


  2. I think it’s our mind that decides how peaceful the silence is. Turning off the noise I hear is one thing, but, (speaking only for myself) my thoughts need to be calm for me to find the peace in the quiet. 🙂


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