Memories of Bryer…


Today I opened a box full of memories

and the first thing I saw

was your beautiful face

smiling up at me…Bryer.



It’s been two and a half years

since I saw your smile.

How have I survived so long…

when my heart died

with you.



5 thoughts on “Memories of Bryer…

  1. Toni, please try as best you can to be her beautiful face smiling . . . am sure it will light up the world . . .


    • When Bryer first died, I managed to keep breathing minute by minute. Slowly it became hour by hour.
      I’m up to days now. I can breathe through a whole day at a time. Some days it’s not so easy to breathe, but every morning I get to try again. Your comments are always full of compassion and wisdom Martin, you make me stop and think from a different angle, and I thank you for that.


      • Thank you for your kind comment. In fact, I sense in you someone filled with wisdom and compassion, earned the hard way, carrying a terrible burden that gives you a profound understanding of suffering, so clear that you can now see and appreciate the pain and anguish of others. It is a special sensitivity that requires that you ease suffering wherever you find it. And, yes, the breath is such a crucial way to accomplish this. Not only for oneself, but in coming upon a person suffering to simply breathe through together, that shared spaciousness a form of release, relief and love. Thank you for sharing your journey, Toni. Thank you for your courage and honesty. I have learned so much from you.


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