Behind the scenes…

The sunshine abandoned my window.

The cold chills me down to the bone.

I’m slipping away from my lover.

I’d rather be lonely, alone.


Up high in my room full of smoke,

breathing starts as numb eases my soul.

Rehearsing my well practiced smile,

I’m the star of today’s “OK” role.

4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes…

  1. mark says:

    Yoo Hoo, Hi Helloy… I’ve recently returned to blog world after taking a slightly wrong turn at some Cosmic traffic lights and ended up happily cartwheeling round the delicate edges of sanity. But I found my way back and now I’m really “sensible and normal”… who said that… why everyone laughing…
    I’m delighted to see that you are still writing. I really like your poem, you are really developing a nice style to your writing… especially with lines like “The sunshine abandoned my window”, gorgeously poetic.
    Hope all is well with you and your world, I’ll have to go because bloody nurse saying it’s meds time again again… I’m sure sure it was just 5 mins ago… Nurse, mean to me…. Help!!! Ooh look Chocolate…


    • Hello Hello… It has made my morning to log in and see your message šŸ™‚ . Thank you so much for your words – I’m buzzing from your compliment :-). Having taken a few exciting/disturbing cosmic holidays in my time, I’m unsure whether to shudder or applaud your cartwheels :-)… Either way, I for one, am smiling to have you back!! All is well enough in my world – no complaints at any rate. I’m glad to see Nurse is taking good care of you, Be a good lad and keep taking your meds…
      It’s breakfast time for me now – banana cake and ice cream are on the menu. Yay for today!! Hi to Nurse :-).


  2. thisoldtoad2014 says:

    Reblogged this on tot123itsme.


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