Hole wide world…

There’s a hole in our home

that can’t be repaired.

The girl who once lived here is gone.

There’s a hole in the world

that cannot be filled.

The girl I gave life to is gone.

There’s a hole in my heart

that can never be healed.

The girl, most beloved, is gone.

She took a whole lot of love

when she left us that day.

She left behind such a big hole.





5 thoughts on “Hole wide world…

  1. jensenempire2551 says:

    Let the love you remember, fill that hole! Reason being it’s her last gift she may give to you, unless………. You open your mind to where she is now?


    • I appreciate the point you make, however I’d like to point out that knowing/trusting in where my daughters soul is now, doesn’t come anywhere near close to even touching the sides of the pain that missing her brings.
      Missing her is what this post is about.
      Thankyou for your thoughts anyway though.


      • jensenempire2551 says:

        If i have offended, i am sorry. i see moving on in different manner… About evolving, you many not believe as i, she can follow you close then you may know, however being a women, i would have thought you could touch gift… i know a little something of the pain you’re talking about, not say that i feel your pain, however i too have losses…

        They have shown my their face, telling me all is well, we will meet again…

        i will try my best not to make anymore comments after this last, in order to be able to continue reading your posts…

        i make the same posts about my father, whom we hate each other in a loving way…

        a wish…


      • You haven’t offended me – food for thought is never a bad thing to my way of thinking. Thank you.


      • jensenempire2551 says:

        i believe thanks is in order from me….

        For a moment of understanding…

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