Always blue…

You’re raining on my sunshine,

stop giving me your blues.

I strive to keep my chin up,

you’d rather dwell on sad issues.


You don’t know real sorrow,

so far your life’s been blessed.

My energy gets stolen

each time you “get it off your chest”.


I’ve been a solid friend to you,

We’ve been through this before.

I’m sorry that it’s come to this,

but I can’t help you anymore.





4 thoughts on “Always blue…

  1. jensenempire2551 says:

    Shaking the Blues!


  2. Two points, if I may, Toni. First, I’d say that each person’s suffering is incomparable; it cannot be compared to anyone else’s. Second, often we get quite comfortable in our suffering, burrowing into it and seeming to make a home of it. But this home is really a stone cave that prevents the light of change and transformation – flowing life itself – from entering. After a while, our eyes now used to the darkness, the light hurts. Any problem or loss can become our cave, preventing us from touching the flow of light. Loss has its place but, along with its companion, self-recrimination, it should not blot out life.

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