Foot in mouth…

If I thought before I spoke,

my foot would cease to make me choke.

My mouth takes off, out of control…

I’ll have to call the Word-Patrol.

Surprises shoot forth from my lips,

another case of of verbal slips.

I’m sick of sailing up Shit Creek.

I need to think, before I speak.








3 thoughts on “Foot in mouth…

  1. Good advice to us all . . . :- )


  2. mark says:

    At first when I read it I read “Surprises shoot forth from my hips” instead of ‘lips’, which was an interesting image and then I realised my mistake. I must need glasses or sheep… I mean sleep… Actually I think it might be my laptop having a bit of a laugh with me…
    Anyway, where was I… Ah yes, ‘Foot In Mouth’, I suppose it all depends on who the verbal slip up is with and if the verbal slip is really the truth that you would love to say but haven’t got the courage usually. In that case, where it’s really the truth, then I usually find them quite helpful. Although I can see and have seen on other occasions that the verbal slips are not the best thing.
    Once when I was talking to my neighbour I casually remarked that it was a shame that the council had recently cut down the trees close by to us.
    “Trees are nice when they’re in the forest” he replied “Trees in the forest, people in the towns” he added, as if it were some kind of political manifesto.
    Due to the fact that my mind was half elsewhere, cartwheeling around the outer reaches of the Cosmos, then my brain was unable to react fast enough to stop the thought that instantly became words, which poured uncensored from my mouth, “Well to be fair”, I said “Trees have been on the planet 300 million years longer than us.”
    He gave me a quizzical look and disappeared…
    For about 8 weeks.
    Nothing says “yoo hoo crazy crazy person” quite like a verbal slip, but they sure can be fun sometimes.
    I must dash now but if ever you happen to find yourself up shit creek again do look me up, I’m usually there or the moon or venus or jupiter…
    Also, I must apologise for the length of my comments, nurse beats me every time I write a long comment but it just doesn’t seem to be working.
    Bye for now…
    Be good and if you can’t be good then just be naughty, either way just be happy.
    Take care

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