Miss Trust…

Insecurity rears it’s ugly head,

taunting me with doubt…

The thinking sends me backwards,

my trust turns inside out.

Past loves echo through my head,

I’ve been fooled and hurt before.

I need you to reassure me.

Reassure me, just once more…




One thought on “Miss Trust…

  1. Yes, of course, he should reassure you. But, look with your heart: you are more deeply reassured by all things coming together through you to creatively express this precious moment, the whole universe in you, as you. Rest in this, the very source even of your thinking, this source pure, pristine, all-inclusive, without any separation at all. Then, expressing this calm clarity, you open those around you to be free of their own fears and worries. Then you both are in a different kind of relationship – one selflessly based on love.

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