Shy All day…

Shy all day.
For a puff she will stay,

but her company doesn’t come cheap…

She’s vain,

and she’s shallow,

an athletic bedfellow.

She’s all yours,

til yv only got sleep…


3 thoughts on “Shy All day…

  1. Is there some aspect of you that says, “Get over it”? Is there some aspect of you that says, “Not only and am I worthy of the deepest love and respect , but I already absolutely exhibit it by being MOTHER and, more, by being ME”?

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    • Shy All day isn’t about me Martin. Its what I see in the young women around me – 1 in particular… I believe she is also worthy of more. She is the same age as my Bryer would have been. Its sad seeing her happy to settle for less. The world I live in is a hard, & fast lifestyle, and the young women that pass through often become too caught up in the pace, and ignore the harsh realities… And suddenly they find their innocence, & self respect are long gone, and they’re only shadows of their former selves. All I can do is write of my frustrations, as my advice isn’t wanted. After all, what could I possibly know, that those young women don’t…?

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      • Yes, unfortunately many learn not through listening to the life lessons of others, but only by their own lived trial and error, often putting themselves at great risk of irreversible loss. Please keep trying to get through; if only one young woman listens, you have saved a life.


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