A little bit of honesty,

helps trust begin to flow.

Ignorance ain’t always bliss,

My gut knows something I don’t know…

I’m not a jealous person,

but seeds of secrecy will grow.

Thank you for your honesty.

The gift of truth you did bestow.


3 thoughts on “Trust…

  1. I preferred ‘my gut knows something I don’t know’. There is something about that pre-conscious or pre-reflective aspect of ourselves that is very deep, and often correctly intuitive.

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    • You’re right – I changed it back. I find it fascinating the way our brains have the ability to talk us out of what our intuition tells us – an internal discussion, that often ends in instinct being overruled…


      • Yes, it’s really interesting! What you say is so true, and also psycho-neurological research also shows that a lot of decisions are made pre-consciously, and then our conscious minds come up with rationales after the fact for why we reflectively decided to do what we (in fact, pre-reflectively) did. It’s almost as if the human mind has different aspects to it, sharing control in different ways and at different times. Really fascinating.


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