Holier than thou…

Gods gift to the world

demands centre stage.

It has to go his way,

or it’s the highway to rage.


Stamping his feet

he throws his weight round,

giving lectures for hours

he likes hearing his sound.


A well practiced charmer

with the women he chooses,

his affection’s the prize,

it’s his girlfriend who loses.





Think smart…

And so begins my week of disgrace.

My crime?

Too opinionated.

This is the point where I feel like really

(getting smart)

speaking my opinion.

I guess I’m finally learning

to shut my mouth though.




Silently violently…


The air is thick between us,

the silence is intense.

We fall to pieces over little things,

so quick to take offense.


When you look at me with violent eyes

I know your tempers at it’s peak.

Right on cue you’ll up and leave,

and then ignore me for a week.

Silence is golden…

I hate it when you’re angry with me.

Nothing I say makes any difference.

Nothing I say is right.

No matter what,

I am wrong.










The last straw…


It takes a lot of courage to stop the cycle of misery.

Admitting how bad it is, and asking for help isn’t an easy thing.

Pride struggles with accepting support and care from friends.

Questioning yourself weakens determination…


“Where things really as bad as they seemed at the time..?”



Things really were that bad.


It’s scary how easy it is to just give up, and return to the cycle.

It takes a lot of courage to break away from the cycle of misery.

I’m so proud of the steps you are taking, my friend.

You are not alone.

Moments of clarity…

Smoke fills my brain

dulling my senses.

My emotions are null and void.

I’m now able to hear my head speak 

without the interruption from my heart.

Our time has come.

Its been long enough.

A full stop is on standby,

waiting only for my nod.



What keeps stopping me?

Boss of me…

You scare me when we fight.

I stop knowing who you are.

I’ve learnt to still my smart mouth

But that doesn’t get me far.


I’m wrong to disagree with you

no self defense from me.

How dare I walk out of the room

Disrespect is what you see.

You call me names

You mock my tears

You pretend it’s time to hit

You’re thrice my size and much more strong

You scare me out of shit.


Then off you storm in cold hard rage

I’m sobbing out my eyes.

The silent treatment takes the stage

Til I apologize.