Memory Lane pain…

A car accident this morning brings back memories of loss.

My nephew is ok, though his car is not.

I can’t help but cry and remember my girl.

She wasn’t ok.


I’m so sorry Bryer.

Ashes to ashes…


Contents of a wooden box,

waiting patiently until love can let go.


Dreaming of the wind,

A vague recollection of leaves

dancing in time to the sound of musical chimes.

Distant memories of hair blowing wildly

against the skin of a cheek.

Caresses of a warm breeze

echoing in a half lost memory.


Final remnants of unconditional love

suspended in time, until acceptance settles,

enabling the strength to scatter lost hopes

and dreams.


Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.creepy

But hindsight is 20/20.

When you think back,

you can always clearly see signs.


Little things.hindsight

Odd things.

Easily ignored things…



One room that always feels cold.

Pets that keep dying,  for no apparent reason.images (7)

Field gems burying themselves in the earth.

A child’s dreams of death and dying.



Those are just a few of the things…



You try so hard not to overthink things.

It all sounds crazy weeping_angel

to your own ears.

So you ignore the goosebumps on your arms.

Choosing rational answers.




And then tragedy strikes…daisies

The same as in her dreams.






Forever leaving you to question

why you didn’t see the signs…






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I haven’t gone…


I may be gone, but still I’m here,

weeping_angel_by_astanael-d4m87g2I know you’ve thought you felt me near..

I answer when you call my name

Each tear you cry, I cry the same.

I know you love me

You’ve been so strong

I love you too.  I haven’t gone.

I’ve been beside you every day

and with you I will always stay.

This pain we share will ever be

Don’t give your life to grieving me.

Pick up your heart and carry on

I’ll always love you

I haven’t gone.

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