Smoke signals…

A cloud of smoke blowing out from my window

signals the beginning of a glorious day

Smoke rings…

I sit up late and smoke alone

recalling happy times I’ve known.

My thoughts kick back in relax zone,

with no proportions over blown.


In musky air from smoke I’ve blown

I surrender to the calm of stone.

Faking it…

Today starts with a sigh

as I sit in bed and puff.

I’m trying to get high

but I can’t get high enough.

Hurt keeps falling from my eye

my day ahead is looking rough.

I just want to get high

to put a smile on, and bluff.




Pipe dreams…

I’m disappointed, my friend

all your work’s down the drain

you’ve let go of control

and got hungry again.

Your eyes are the windows

to the fix on your mind.

I care too much to feed you…

Sometimes cruelty is kind.








Sex games…

You’ve left me frustrated

and climbing the wall

so many times

I can’t count them at all.

I gave you a warning

You’ve not taken heed

so I’m turning the page

in my chapter of need.

The plot thickens…

I spy with my little eye

clues that a friend tells a lie.

My gut loudly shouts

real and reasonable doubts

of the break in at home,

and 1 friends whereabouts…


Mary Christmas

My ex husband joined me for a beer

to wish me luck and christmas cheer.

My very first with neither child

No pretty tree with presents piled.

I wipe the tears out of my eye

and roll a smoke to lift me high.