Actions speak louder than words…

You keep saying that you love me,

but I don’t want to hear those words from you…  


I want to feel them. 



What are you sorry for?


You say  you “did nothing wrong”.

 Yet,  you’re sorry..?

Sex for one…


You say you don’t touch me because you’re lazy.

You aren’t lazy.

I just don’t think I turn you on.

Stand up lying…

Oh what a wicked web you weave

with lies so easy to perceive

Your thought up words will break all trust

Truth always comes, it’s cosmic must.





Zip it.

A worn out welcome hovers

around the house guest that doesn’t leave.

At ‘goodbye’ time,

the tears begin…

“What have I done wrong?”


‘Leaving time’ doesn’t usually mean you’ve done something wrong,

But seeing as you ask….


A moments peace would have been nice, while you stay here

in my own home.

You talk about nothing.

Then you talk about talking about nothing.

My ears are sore from your nonstop yapping.

You talk too much 

for someone as used to the quiet as I am.

My head is done in,

and it’s time for you to go home.

Save your tears for someone else’s ears.


Things would be different

if just once,

for just one minute,

you would just zip it!







Fellow followers…

Do you ever wonder about your followers?blogging

What they look like?  Where they live?

What they do inbetween reading posts?


I like to think my followers get me.

I don’t have to explain my thoughts because they are already understood.

My past is accepted and my future eagerly awaited.

What I think and feel matters.