Rhythm and Blues…


I’ve lost my rhyme.

The poetry doesn’t flow from my thoughts anymore.

I don’t know why.

I’ve lost my whistle.

There’s only silence from my lips these days.

I don’t know why.

I’ve lost my hum.

No songs are playing in the background my mind…

I don’t know why.






When Stella lost her mojo,images (2)

the colours turned to gray.

She roamed the streets of Limbo,

she forgot to laugh and play.

Her shed became a hidey hole,

her projects gathered dust.

In that smoke filled room,

Stella sat with her gloom,

and picked holes in herself with disgust.



Thank you for the first line M8M8. Xx


Wasted Monday…

Puffing the day away.

Songs out of tune.

Head in the clouds.

A high afternoon.

Dance around solo.

Skip to no beat.

Wasting the moment.

Smoking a treat.






Bottled up…

I bottle my pain

to keep it all for myself.

Deep inside its contained

locked away on a shelf.

I sedate it with vices

any numb I can find.

I can block out my heart

but i can’t still my mind…

Comfort from a bottle…

Red wine

is my friend

I come out of my shell.I drink alone

Relaxation and smiles

and laughter as well.

It helps my grief thaw,

and my heart see the light,

it lifts the weight from my soul

at least for tonight….





Black sand falling through the hourglass.

Minutes passing by.  Time without you.



How does one carry on

with broken shards in place of a heartbeat?

Every breath cutting deep

with the knowledge that you are gone.



Such a painful word.

A bottomless void.

Eternal teardrops

measuring the depth of my love.


How can you blame me

for numbing this pain?

This death in my soul?


Black sand marks the passage of time without you.