A long day…


Wide awake, mind buzzing.

Thoughts in every direction.

Can’t sit still, can’t lie straight.

Watching hours pass by.

Shadow monkeys play loudly.

Out my window, in the moonlight.

Bedtime nags me to get closer.

I need help to relax.

Mary-Jane blows me over.

I can finally sleep.


Today is a wine day.

Time flies…


Puffing away on a crystal orb,

Searching for the elusive high…

Feet that won’t leave the ground,

Accepting frustration, no sting in sight

I turn away from the bowl….



Mary-Jane watches my desperate dance,

She smiles, and takes my hand.

We twirl together, in time to the music playing in my head,

tapping our toes to the tune.

Watching the hours wave, on their way pass…

Just me…

I sit here on a shelf

Time spent thinking...

in my own company

thinking thoughts of the anger


hidden inside me.



Mary-Jane blows a kiss

through the walls of my stare,

she releases my thinking

and I find myself




I want today to go away.

I roll a smoke and sit in bed puffing…

The sky suddenly brightens, as does my mood.

I get out of bed with a smile.

Today is a good day.

Back to basics…

Another night in by myself.images (6)

Mary-Jane and I sit quietly together,

holding hands.

Smoke drifts through the air,

and the room fills with peace.

My body calms, and my thoughts relax, peacefully.

Chocolate calls my name.

My soul sighs with deep relief,

as I head off to bed with a smile.

Mary’s magic mushies, & Me…

Mary-Jane hot boxes my bedroom,images (6)

with Shroom powder sprinkled in…

My mellow smile turns into a super grin.

Fast movements speed past in slow motion.

A blur settles around the edge of my vision.

There’s a good feeling in my stomach

That matches the one in my cheeks.

Another mixed-up-Mary success.