Privately puffing

sits a dog with a bone.

A laptop on mute,

a bitchy text on the phone.

Obsessive, impulsive,

search the web for some dirt,

find out what you can

a little knowledge can’t hurt…









When a friend tells you something,

it should only be the truth.

You’re ass is A-class

The fire is roaring, and my nostril is raw.

You’re reading the newspaper,

and I’m quietly checking out your ass…

I spend a lot of time looking at that ass of yours,

and sometimes,  when you’re bending over in front of me,


I think you know that…

The trick is…

It’s important that I always eat before burning my nostril,Image because it’s a fact that I won’t feel hungry for several hours afterwards.   I’ll burn alot of energy after the sting, so the last thing I want is to start looking like a skeleton with skin. . .  That would give my naughty little secret away. . .