Shy All day…

Shy all day.
For a puff she will stay,

but her company doesn’t come cheap…

She’s vain,

and she’s shallow,

an athletic bedfellow.

She’s all yours,

til yv only got sleep…


Bloody Mary…

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

how does your nose not grow?42248-All-Lies

It’s fabrications you tell,

plain deceit that you sell…

Truth always comes out,

don’t you know…







The plot thickens…

I spy with my little eye

clues that a friend tells a lie.

My gut loudly shouts

real and reasonable doubts

of the break in at home,

and 1 friends whereabouts…


Energy Thief…

Somebody who drains you,

does soak up your glow

 with ongoing dramas,

everyday the same show.

A face booking saga,

dirty laundry parade

going round in a circle,

soap opera homemade.

Greed fucks everything.

There’s enough to go aroundimages (6)

until someone gets greedy.

It’s all downhill from there.