Lifes time…


High time flies by

in wasted minutes.

A blur was yesterday.

Today will vanish into air

Tomorrow is already here.









Trouble maker…

Tushita’s stirring shit again,

she thinks nobody knows.

The manipulating madam,

is gonna reap more than she sow’s.

Her pretty face and soft sweet voice

is all a clever pose,

if she’s being super nice to you

then you’re the target that she chose.

This time her plans will ricochet,

herself, she will expose.

Pride always comes before a fall

Her stirring reign draws to a close.

Home detention…

I only have four sleeps to go.

My anklet comes off in 96 hours.


What a year it’s been!!

The judge gave me a sentence of time.

Time to reflect.

Time to grieve.

Time to accept.

I haven’t gone crazy being stuck at home.

My mind is in a better place than this time last year.

I still cry everyday.

But I’ve begun to live everyday again too.

Actions speak louder than words…

You keep saying that you love me,

but I don’t want to hear those words from you…  


I want to feel them. 


Eleven weeks and four days to go…

Time doesn’t exist in this now

Counting down weeks

Completion is in sight

A sentence will end

  The sentence has begun

                                                  Wishing to turn back days

                                                  Willing nights to hurry past

                                                  Dreaming of just one more moment


Time flies…


Puffing away on a crystal orb,

Searching for the elusive high…

Feet that won’t leave the ground,

Accepting frustration, no sting in sight

I turn away from the bowl….



Mary-Jane watches my desperate dance,

She smiles, and takes my hand.

We twirl together, in time to the music playing in my head,

tapping our toes to the tune.

Watching the hours wave, on their way pass…


Black sand falling through the hourglass.

Minutes passing by.  Time without you.



How does one carry on

with broken shards in place of a heartbeat?

Every breath cutting deep

with the knowledge that you are gone.



Such a painful word.

A bottomless void.

Eternal teardrops

measuring the depth of my love.


How can you blame me

for numbing this pain?

This death in my soul?


Black sand marks the passage of time without you.




I wonder what today will bring..

images (6)Hot coffee warms my cold Friday morning.

The temptation to stay in bed is HUGE…   and why shouldn’t I?

I can’t leave the property anyway…

Boredom has set in for me.

Routine makes me crazy, I need doses of variety.

Or else I explode.


Do I want to get up or do I want to snooze…

I can’t choose…


I’ll have a snort, and think about it…

I was in the neighbourhood…

images (6)I sit on a perch in my gilded cage,

thinking cracked thoughts about us.

I’m halfway there, till the end of the year,

when I’ll arrive unannounced, if I must.