Drama Queen…

A guest arrives, oh, just my luck

my visitor is Madam Muck!

She walks red carpet

(in her head)

one ego, truly overfed.

God’s greatest gift is her, she thinks

She’s well convinced her shit don’t stink.

An hour will with ease suffice

for her to show she isn’t nice.

Cos true beauty isn’t pretty skin,

it’s measured from your heart within.

The poster girl from glamour mag,

is really just a glittered hag.


Trouble maker…

Tushita’s stirring shit again,

she thinks nobody knows.

The manipulating madam,

is gonna reap more than she sow’s.

Her pretty face and soft sweet voice

is all a clever pose,

if she’s being super nice to you

then you’re the target that she chose.

This time her plans will ricochet,

herself, she will expose.

Pride always comes before a fall

Her stirring reign draws to a close.