Misunderstand me…

I’m not asking for forgiveness.

I stand by what is done.

Don’t wait for an apology,

I won’t be giving one.

I asked to face our troubles,

to compromise and share.

Silence was your answer.

No single word of care.

I’m sorry this has happened.

I’m sad we’ve lost our flame.

But you misunderstand me,

I’m not fully to blame.


Leather and lace…

He is as soft and deep

as he is hard and cold.

A complex man.

He rides at the front,

proudly leading his brothers.

The death head he wears

is a force to be reckoned with.

The world panders to his title.

His power.

His absolute power.

His absolute power corrupts…

He is hard and scary.

He is warm and cuddly.

He came to me for a reason.

And a season.

But not a lifetime.






Fools gold…

Lost inside myself.

I can’t find my way

through the dark.

My own worst enemy

leads me on a treasure hunt,

and I follow, blindly,

into a hole of my own making.

Ex marks the spot.

My tainted shovel digs deeply,

exposing only pain

half buried underneath

insincere treasure.








Moments of clarity…

Smoke fills my brain

dulling my senses.

My emotions are null and void.

I’m now able to hear my head speak 

without the interruption from my heart.

Our time has come.

Its been long enough.

A full stop is on standby,

waiting only for my nod.



What keeps stopping me?