The end…

I wanted a soft word.

You couldn’t give me one.

I needed some kindness.

You had none.

I asked for your love.

It was gone.

I wanted you to visit me.

But we are done.

Honesty and Tequila …

Half a bottle of Tequila

Half full.

Half empty.


Words that needed to be said.

Words were said in no uncertain terms.

Half a bottle of Tequila.



Better late than never…

Hickory dickory dock

Your love was all a crock.

You’ve had your fun,

now we’re dusted and done.

Hickory dickory dock.


Huckory duckory dick.

You really are a prick.

I’ve dumped you for good,

like I long ago should.

Huckory, duckory dick.

Fat goodbye…

It’s time for a smoke,

time to relax my mind.

My thoughts are chaotic,

I need to unwind.

He hasn’t been back,

it’s been over a week.

I’m sick of this silence,

I want a man who can speak!

I’ll sit here and smoke

thinking thoughts full of spite.

I’m better off with no bloke,

than one who’s never not right.




The Mulberry bush…


Around and around we go, stuck on the same song.



Things coast along nicely for a week or two,

then you back off me, suddenly.

For the next few weeks, your visits are far and few between,

and always well after midnight…

I don’t hear from you at all, outside of odd booty calls.

I begin to feel hurt and angry.

It bothers me to the point of misery,

so I decide it’s time I let go of you.

But as I reach my breaking point,

you turn on your charm…

You have time for me.

I feel attractive to you.

I feel wanted, loved and important.

I let my guard down.

Things coast along nicely for a week or two…


And around we go,  stuck on the same song.

Burning your bridges…




Events pile up

Angry hearts stack them higher

One word sparks it off…

Emotions on fire


Hate is a strong word…

Love can turn to hate in the blink of an eye.images (6)

You, who could do no wrong,

can suddenly do no right.

Arms that once pulled you close,

now push you away.

A mouth that has no more kisses for you.

Eyes that won’t even look at you.

Utter contempt greets your sad confusion.


All in the blink of an eye.