Work hard all week

just to scrape by.

Rob Peter to pay Paul.

Sell this, sell that.

Penny pinch.



And still, the wolf knocks at the door.





Cuntstarbull patrol…

Twinkle twinkle like a star,

how I wonder what you are.

I see you shining through the night,

a sparkling drone in unmanned flight.

Twinkle twinkle sergeant droid

I hope I’m simply paranoid…

Don’t mind my business…


I struggle some days.

My burdens are heavy,

and I struggle.

Some days I just want to be numb.

Who has the right to judge how I cope?

Chopped liver…

To you I’m low priority

Importance factor nil,

too bad if I get lonely

when you don’t have time to kill.

It’s far too hard to make some time

to show me that you care,

I am a low priority

of that I’m well aware.