It’s nighttime here,

I sit up on my own.

Alone in my room,

drinking wine, getting stoned.


Long used to the silence

From half of my bed,

Spending time with myself

and the thoughts in my head.

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Just me…

I sit here on a shelf

Time spent thinking...

in my own company

thinking thoughts of the anger


hidden inside me.



Mary-Jane blows a kiss

through the walls of my stare,

she releases my thinking

and I find myself


Twist my rubber arm..

images (6)Te Puke and I laugh wisely together

thinking on similar lines.

Sitting stoned on the couch, long after my friend is gone..

Alone here with Mary-Jane, and a glaze in my eye.


Puff puff, ┬átoke…


My day becomes brighter, and the pleasant numb feeling relaxes my soul.

A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.