Mood swing King.

The mood swing King

What’s wrong today?

What did I say or do?

What should I do or say?

I can’t read minds,

And only silence I hear.

I don’t enjoy living

In tension filled air.

Love and War…


Threats are made.

Promises broken.

In the heat of the moment,

cruel words are spoken.

Tears are shed,

The anger is loud.

It’s time to make up,

but we’re both too proud.



How did I become his enemy?

A soft word is a thing of the past.

Dislike oozes when he looks at me.

when did I become his enemy?


How did he lose his love for me?

A caring touch no longer comes.

Disinterest rings when he speaks to me.

When did he lose his love for me?


How did he stop wanting me?

We’ve had so many good times.

Now he can’t even look at me.

When did he stop wanting me?

Fat goodbye…

It’s time for a smoke,

time to relax my mind.

My thoughts are chaotic,

I need to unwind.

He hasn’t been back,

it’s been over a week.

I’m sick of this silence,

I want a man who can speak!

I’ll sit here and smoke

thinking thoughts full of spite.

I’m better off with no bloke,

than one who’s never not right.