Running hot, running cold

keeping me in line.

Ignore me when I speak against,

how dare I undermine…

Days go by with nights alone,

my heart begins to pine…

But I know that underneath it all,

you’ve never thought you’re mine.

I face the facts and let you go,

you see that as the sign,

to turn up full of charm and love,

as though everything is fine.





I’m still the same me…

Why do you keep ringing and visiting me?

Me, who is chopped liver in your life…

I’m still the same person that you said you’re sick of.

I’m still the same me that you can’t be bothered touching.

I haven’t changed.charming

Why are you being so nice to me?

I backed off and accepted the end – like you wanted me to.

I left you alone and got on with my life.

So why are you still ringing and visiting me?

You can be very charming when you want to be.

I haven’t seen your charm for a long time…

I can feel myself wanting to relax and trust you again.

It’s very tempting…

But I’m still the same me, you know…