Apple of my eye…

Her visit to my dreams that night,

bestowed a treasured gift.

She saw my eyes had lost their light,

downhill my life did drift.

“I love you mum,

please carry on, and live the life I can’t.

I love you still and always will,

forgiveness, you must grant”.

I drove the car that crashed that day,

the accident was mine.

My precious daughter lost her life,

to forgive is too divine.

“My Darling girl,

your life I took, that fact will always be.

But I’ll live for you, if one more time,

you’ll put your arms around me…” .

She threw her arms around my neck,

she held me close and tight.

She whispered love,

and wiped my tears…

She sat with me all night.

When morning came, I woke alone,

she didn’t answer to my cries.

But the mirror showed the gift she left…

A light was in my eyes.


Sleep tight…


The wrong side of bed

is where I started today.

I woke up in a grump,

and grumpy I’ve stayed.

I waited all night

for a non-showing guest,

listening out for his car

deprived me of rest.

Now it’s nighttime again

and I’m ready to snore.

Bedtime is here,

I’ve got dreams to explore.










Faking it…

Today starts with a sigh

as I sit in bed and puff.

I’m trying to get high

but I can’t get high enough.

Hurt keeps falling from my eye

my day ahead is looking rough.

I just want to get high

to put a smile on, and bluff.




Everything and nothing…

It’s wet and quiet here tonight, and my thoughts are detached from my mind.

Chain tobacco, and green beers keep me warm,

and the fire whispers from it’s place in the corner .

I sit here alone, by myself, and I think.

My thoughts are heavy, and weighing me down.  Tense, is my shoulders woe…

Then Mary reaches out to me,   so I pick up my bic, and reach back.

Puff, puff…                                          …and one for ‘good luck…

“That’s the bugger”  My thoughts say to Mary.

My body relax’s and molds to the couch,  and my troubles reduce half their size,

I lose track of time as I nicely unwind,

I feel everything settle,  I think .

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb,   merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily….

Could my life really be  ‘but a dream..’?Image