Pipe dreaming…

Tired body,

weary soul.

A helping hand

from the old glass bowl…

Forgotten tears.

Rekindled gleam.

Living life,

in a pipe dream.






Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.creepy

But hindsight is 20/20.

When you think back,

you can always clearly see signs.


Little things.hindsight

Odd things.

Easily ignored things…



One room that always feels cold.

Pets that keep dying,  for no apparent reason.images (7)

Field gems burying themselves in the earth.

A child’s dreams of death and dying.



Those are just a few of the things…



You try so hard not to overthink things.

It all sounds crazy weeping_angel

to your own ears.

So you ignore the goosebumps on your arms.

Choosing rational answers.




And then tragedy strikes…daisies

The same as in her dreams.






Forever leaving you to question

why you didn’t see the signs…






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Deja Vu…

Now isn’t our time.images (6)

Inside fate is where we walk our separate paths.  Our separate lessons.                                            

Collected memories lay buried, half forgotten in our soul.                                            

Kindred spirits sparking flames together.



Waiting through a lifetime.  Hours passing bring us closer to each other.

I know who you are.  Your soul gives me glimpses of someone I recognise.

Long ago love.

Destined to meet again.  Our paths are intertwined.            

Eternal time is ours.


It’s the end of my day,  I need to relax. . .   I roll myself a smoke & disappear out to my porch-swing.   The moon is full & stars are out in full force – shining like the beloved memories of loved ones, high above the earth.   I light my smoke & have a deep drag on it, blowing it out again, watching the smoke drift towards heaven.  Another drag, & then another. . .   Oh yes, the stress’s from my day are fading away.   I’m smiling over random thoughts that make no sense at all.   I stretch & yawn.  I’ve had enough of my smoke now, it’s time to go back inside & curl up so I can think my peaceful, mellow thoughts alone.   My eyes will close soon, allowing my mind to open up to the worldImage of the sleeping thinkers.