Like a spare prick at a wedding…

The bed shakes harder as your hand goes faster and faster.images (6)

A grand canyon lies between us.

I want us to touch each other.

As though you sense my thought, you move a pillow,

so the grand canyon is now a mountain.

And still the bed shakes.

I’m unsure why you came here – it obviously wasn’t to touch me.

Once upon a time, I would have taken control and simply joined in,

You’ve thrown me off you too many times though.

The rejection still stings me.

So I just twiddle my thumbs instead, hoping you’ll remember me soon.

And still the bed shakes.

Insecurity creeps into my heart, and I’m getting turned off now.

I decide to have my own party for one on my side of the bed…

Your hands pause for a second as you hear my toy start buzzing.

You then realise I’m satisfying myself, and you take offence.

You get dressed and storm off – your cold shoulder on full parade.

I’m glad you’ve gone.You're a prick.