Shy All day…

Shy all day.
For a puff she will stay,

but her company doesn’t come cheap…

She’s vain,

and she’s shallow,

an athletic bedfellow.

She’s all yours,

til yv only got sleep…


Age gap appropriate


My boyfriend is older than me.

Much older.

It doesn’t seem right to even call him my ‘boyfriend’.

His age of 54 gives him a 20 year head start on me.

No, he isn’t a father figure to me.

No, I’m not a gold digger.

Three years down the track, and we still don’t live together

We probably never will.

I have come to terms with that.

I am four years older than his oldest child

He is four years younger than my Dad

Yet somehow we gel together.


Our age gap doesn’t exist where it counts.