A simple pleasure…

Watching the dogs

sprint past

in the cool night air.


The quiet breeze

gently ruffles my hair,

and the darkness

surrounds everything.



I remember that you’re gone.

Like a giant slap in the face,

a freight train smashes into my heart,

and I hear sobbing

deep inside my soul.


I’m so sorry Baby.


I grit my teeth.

The crushing in my chest

settles into a familiar heavy ache,

and the breeze ruffles harder,

reminding me

not to miss a second

of living.

To bask in every moment of life.


On your behalf,

if not my own.






Crying solo…

Don’t catch my sorrow,

keep your distance today

tears are contagious,

just stay right away.

I can’t be cheered up

you won’t give me relief,

I want to be by myself.

Alone, with my grief.       .

Tears in Heaven…

Whats wrong with me?

It’s mothers day,

and my eyes are dry…

I’m sitting in bed

surrounded by chocolate.

My heart is aching,

and my arms are empty.

But my eyes are dry.

My phone is ringing,

My friends are caring,

but my eyes are dry.

Is it mothers day in heaven?

I miss you Baby.

Why are my eyes dry?


My Bryer died…

Many oceans I’ve cried,

since the day my girl died.

My eyes still search for a trace

of her beautiful face.

But I was there at her death,

I heard her very last breath.

And I know that she’s gone

I somehow have to go on…

It’s so unfair I’m still here

when it’s my fault she’s there…


My mourning…

Do you see the sadness in my eyes,

or would it come as a surprise

to find out that my heart is hollow,

or how much of my hurt I swallow..?


Do you notice my unhappy soul?

Each tear I cry taking it’s toll..

My endless pain is worse each day,

my rock developed feet of clay…


The grief I carry haunts my mind

the child’s face, time left behind.

I struggle through another week

with sorrow rolling down my cheek.





Missing my Miss…

I miss you today.

I miss you everyday

but today I can’t numb it.

I’ll keep trying though…

I’ll do anything to escape this pain.

I gave you life.

Then I took it away.

Your life.

I’m so sorry Baby.

Be mad at me.

Be sad at me.

Be anything.

But don’t be gone.