During a dark today,

I remembered something funny you once said.

And I suddenly laughed.

You’ve been gone more than 7 years,

and today you cheered me up.

Thank you.











HindsightAm I lost?

Or am I hiding?…

I don’t know where I’ve gone.

How did I lose the Me I know?

Why did it all go wrong?

I sit alone in silence,

staring blankly through the night.

I try to find my way, by looking back,

the path is clear, through life,

in hindsight.



Apple of my eye…

Her visit to my dreams that night,

bestowed a treasured gift.

She saw my eyes had lost their light,

downhill my life did drift.

“I love you mum,

please carry on, and live the life I can’t.

I love you still and always will,

forgiveness, you must grant”.

I drove the car that crashed that day,

the accident was mine.

My precious daughter lost her life,

to forgive is too divine.

“My Darling girl,

your life I took, that fact will always be.

But I’ll live for you, if one more time,

you’ll put your arms around me…” .

She threw her arms around my neck,

she held me close and tight.

She whispered love,

and wiped my tears…

She sat with me all night.

When morning came, I woke alone,

she didn’t answer to my cries.

But the mirror showed the gift she left…

A light was in my eyes.



I’m living life

with half a heart.

Death broke my soul,

I’m torn apart…

My precious girl –

light in my eye,

forever lost,

one cold July.

I’m stuck in Hell,

yet still I breathe…

Condemned to wake each day

and grieve.



I’m breathing today…

Don’t fret about me,

I’m doing ok.

I understand that you’re worried,

but I’m grieving my way.

I need to keep busy

or my thoughts start to stray,

I’d sit and dwell if I let me,

but coulda, shoulda won’t pay.

Drugs are a blessing

I’ll damn well numb what I may,

Take a walk wearing my shoes

before having your say.

I understand that you’re worried,

but grief is different each day.

I love you for caring.

I’m doing ok.

Necessary tears…

The grief builds up.

It hurts when it comes out.

Sometimes I try to hold it in.

But it builds up.

And up.

And up.

Until I can’t hold it in anymore.