Heineken Blues…

Little Miss Chriss        depositphotos_40631885-stock-photo-drunk-woman-crying

should give up the piss.

Alcohol isn’t her friend.

After two or three beers,

she’ll turn on the tears…

It’s a performance, I don’t recommend.





My get up and go,

has got up and gone.





I wonder what today will bring..

images (6)Hot coffee warms my cold Friday morning.

The temptation to stay in bed is HUGE…   and why shouldn’t I?

I can’t leave the property anyway…

Boredom has set in for me.

Routine makes me crazy, I need doses of variety.

Or else I explode.


Do I want to get up or do I want to snooze…

I can’t choose…


I’ll have a snort, and think about it…