6years, 9months…

Almost 7 years without you.

It’s normal now.

Sometimes I wonder

if you were even really real.

My broken heart tells me you were.

I love you so much Bryer.

I miss you constantly.

Love from Mom. Xx

Fooling around…

Something’s wrong,

I sense your guilt.

It’s weakening

the strength we’ve built.

You’ve got my love,

you’ve got my heart,

don’t think to fool me,

I’m fairly smart.

Give me truth,

don’t tell a lie…

I’ll have no choice

except goodbye.



Two to tango…

And still, we try…

Dinner, wine, snort,

and more wine…

Apple pie and ice cream

with wine…

Awkward conversation

mingles with the accusations

in each others eyes…

Neither one willing to speak

about the real problem…





Those who are without sin

may cast the first stone…

We both stand on similar ground.

We both have every reason to feel angry.


and hurt.




Two wrongs…


My conscience isn’t heavy,

we’re even,

I believe…

Between us we have secrets,

together we deceive.

Suspicious every minute,

our guilt makes us accuse,

green eyed monsters know no reason,

each others trust we both abuse…