Don’t lie.

I see more than you know.

You can’t keep your pants up,

your dick runs the show.

I’m disappointed.

I’m hurt.

I thought you were strong.

But you’re nothing so special.

About you, I was wrong.




Fooling around…

Something’s wrong,

I sense your guilt.

It’s weakening

the strength we’ve built.

You’ve got my love,

you’ve got my heart,

don’t think to fool me,

I’m fairly smart.

Give me truth,

don’t tell a lie…

I’ll have no choice

except goodbye.





The truth’s coming out,

unprepared for the hurt.

mutual secrets and lies,

angry dishing of dirt.

Jealousy sparking a fire,

in the ashes of fraudulent eyes,

hypocritical accusations

rage war against guilty denies.