I have begun to hate you…

The way you sit on your high horse,

thinking you’re without fault,

while everyone around you competes for the best position

to kiss your fat ass.

I have begun to hate you…

Your slobbish, and grotty habits,

that make it a full time, despicable job,

for which you practically need a team of cleaners

attached to your heels

every minute of every day and night,

merely to keep the place clean-ish.

I have begun to hate you…

The snide remarks about me to (the constant stream of) visitors,

designed to make everybody laugh,

while a tiny bit more of my self esteem

shrivels up and abandons me.

I have begun to hate you.

Misunderstand me…

I’m not asking for forgiveness.

I stand by what is done.

Don’t wait for an apology,

I won’t be giving one.

I asked to face our troubles,

to compromise and share.

Silence was your answer.

No single word of care.

I’m sorry this has happened.

I’m sad we’ve lost our flame.

But you misunderstand me,

I’m not fully to blame.



It’s just another mind game.

It’s always different.

Always the same.

You pick a fight,

I get the blame.

You twist my words,

and freeze me out.

It hurts my pride.

It breeds self doubt.


This love isn’t fair.

You hold every card.

Please show that you care…

Stop treating me hard.





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Hells Belle…

You’re an angel with a mood swing,

loved ones emotionally abused.

Hierarchy makes you always right,

eternally excused.

You’re charismatic and you know it,

you’ve caught me with a spell.

Nobody really knows your heart.

Bloody man of Hell.

A death head puts you at the top,

your brothers have your back.

The wind is where you’re most at home,

The leader of your pack.





Silver tongued Angel…

The charismatic playboy

leads women up the path,

a smile and wink enslaves them,

they’ll do whatever he may ask.

A dark horse lives behind his eyes,

nobody really knows him.

The face he shows is hard and wise,

folk jump to fill his every whim.

We hate to love him and love to hate,

the spotlight is his home.

His girlfriend’s left behind to wait,

unaware he’s back out on the roam…






A seething dislike

causes emotions to overflow.

The desire to hurt

replaces reason.

Hands start shaking

from the intensity

of the need to scream,

wound, defeat, crush.

Red hot fury

brings blood

to the boil.

Control is lost.

The hated wins.