I wish we had elastic walls.

The space we’d have is plenty.

No clutter everywhere I look,

Perhaps a guest room, sometimes empty.

I wish we had elastic walls,

I’d love to have a craft space.

No projects piled underfoot,

No projects piled out of place.

We haven’t got elastic walls.

Our house is bursting at the seams.

Clutter piled everywhere.

It’s even piled in my dreams…

Work for man…

The lounge is messy,

no kitchen gleams.

Lazy is ok,

it seems.

No help is offered,

She gets no pay.

Ain’t tidying up.

Not today.

There for me…

I can count on your service

when I find myself stranded.

I can rely on your help

when I’m caught out short-handed.

You’re the first one in armour,

proud to fight my defence.

When it comes to my honour,

you will spare no expense.

I’m blessed you’re around,

to guide and advise.

I’m lucky I’m loved

by a person so wise.





Always blue…

You’re raining on my sunshine,

stop giving me your blues.

I strive to keep my chin up,

you’d rather dwell on sad issues.


You don’t know real sorrow,

so far your life’s been blessed.

My energy gets stolen

each time you “get it off your chest”.


I’ve been a solid friend to you,

We’ve been through this before.

I’m sorry that it’s come to this,

but I can’t help you anymore.





The last straw…


It takes a lot of courage to stop the cycle of misery.

Admitting how bad it is, and asking for help isn’t an easy thing.

Pride struggles with accepting support and care from friends.

Questioning yourself weakens determination…


“Where things really as bad as they seemed at the time..?”



Things really were that bad.


It’s scary how easy it is to just give up, and return to the cycle.

It takes a lot of courage to break away from the cycle of misery.

I’m so proud of the steps you are taking, my friend.

You are not alone.

Energy Thief…

Somebody who drains you,

does soak up your glow

 with ongoing dramas,

everyday the same show.

A face booking saga,

dirty laundry parade

going round in a circle,

soap opera homemade.