On the run…

The Angel digs his heels in,

and runs off with his brothers.

Left behind, I do not mind,

This time away from others.

My temper’s blown over.

The air is calm and clear.

When the Angel’s finished running,

he’ll come home,

and I’ll be here.

For old times sake?

It’s now been five nights since I heard from you…    images (6)

I want you to visit tonight..

I want you to fuck me,  then go.

I don’t want to cuddle you.

I don’t want to talk to you.

I don’t want to ask important questions.



I might be rude, but my manners are not.

I’m high as a kite and can’t stay on track.

There’s so much I could be doing, and I’m trying to do it all…

Sidetracked again…

A trail of mess behind me.

The fire is roaring,  and I’m shedding more and more clothes.

The view is great from up here on the ceiling…

Bouncing around in circles,  floating, flying, twirling.

Eyes watching me from the wall.

Mary-Jane calls me to sit down with her, to sit and twist…

I would be rude not to.

And would I like fries with my order?

Why yes, yes I would.

images (6)

I believe you, I believe you not. . .

I sit here alone, blowing smoke rings into the air.  The tv chatters away to itself in the background of my thoughts. . .     My thoughts are of you. . .   I want to believe you. . .   Image